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Common Challenges of Gel Pens and How to Overcome Them

Compared to ball pens, gel pens are still relatively new to the market, but they have been well received by artists for sketching purposes. They can be lots of fun, and come in a wide selection of colors, including metallic, acid-free archival pens. They are sold in a wide variety, like soufflé, pastel-colored pens that puff up a little on the page when dry; moonlights that are neon colored and more opaque; Gelly Roll Stardust; Gelly Roll Metallic; Glaze; and even some smear-resistant options. Generally, gel pens leave great color on pages, and are a favorite for filling doodles.
Modern black gel inks contain a blend of dye-based and pigment coloring, and consumers can easily identify the color of a pen by checking through the semi-transparent barrel. Not all varieties are suitable for arts and graphics, though their color diversity makes them very popular among artists and children. Like roller ball and ball-point pens, the ink in gel pens is delivered using a housed metal ball. Consumers can easily differentiate its ink line from that of other writing instruments by tracking the effect along the outer edges of the ink stroke. This effect is not always visible for the entire writing process though it is a common occurrence which indicates that the ink is being pushed by the ball to the outer edges of the stroke.
Gel pens are great for artwork, but like many other things, there are a few complaints. Some people claim that their pens skip a lot and don't make nice lines, or they are not visible enough, and attribute the inconsistency to a poor brand. What they don't realize is that good results can only be achieved under certain circumstances:
Faded lines are influenced by the surface. The darker the surface you are working on, the better and shinier the drawing will be. Generally, drawing over too transparent watercolor layers will make the lines less visible, and cause you to riffle the paper.
Skipping is a common occurrence among most types of pens, including gel pens. It will definitely happen. So, when it does, carefully overdraw the riffle to make your line continuous. Before starting the painting, it is recommended that you scribble on a piece of paper to get the ink flowing.
When you experience too little or too much ink, it is probably because you changing the drawing direction too frequently. Gel pens don't like this. The best way to draw a continuous line is to move the pen in one direction, and then clean the nib before starting another line. Changing the direction causes skips, while drawing too many lines in the same direction without cleaning the nib causes ink blobs.
A new pen usually works well with few or no skips. But the more it is used, the tougher it gets to work with it. It can be very frustrating to have a pen with just a little ink left, and the nib is barely able to let any ink out. To avoid such challenges, you should consider having a few nibs at hand when working on an important painting to ensure that you see it through with minimal challenges.
Now that you know how to use your gel pens, all that is left is to get a reliable vendor to buy from. Elkos Pens are one of the leading global manufacturers of gel pens, and provide a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit your art needs. For more information on their varieties, visit their website at www.elkospens.com


The Evolution of Ball Pens

Ball pens are still extremely popular, despite the advent of computer technology. They can be used for a number of different purposes, such as to make lists, fill out important documents, and write notes and cards for loved ones. Unlike other types of pen, the ink that is used in a ball pen dries almost instantly, ensuring that smudges are left on the piece of paper.

Ball pens can be purchased in various colors, the most common of which are blue and black. These pens are used in offices around the country, and can be used for various functions. Other ball pen colors include green and red. The ink inside the ball pen is a thin unit, and leaves the pen via a ball-shaped tip on the top of the item.

Ballpoint pens were criticized when they were first invented as some people thought that they did not produce handwriting as neat as a fountain pen or ink pen. The ball pen was designed to be a more reliable and less messy alternative to the fountain pen, and are today among the most commonly used pens in the world. They are frequently used in schools, by both teachers and students, and often include a tip which is used to protect the pen and the ink inside.

Disposable ballpoint pens are cost-effective and usually come in a set which consists of several pens. These pens may be the same color or various shades. Disposable ball pens are usually disregarded once the ink has been used. Refillable ballpoint pens allow users to replace the ball-shaped tip inside the tip quickly and easily.

László Bíró registered the patent for the ball pen in 1938, and consists of a ball which is used to separate the ink and the surface that is being written on. This ball continuously rotates when the pen is being used and ink is generated via the reservoir inside the pen. A socket keeps the ball in place, which secures it in position but allows it enough room to move when someone is using the pen.

Ballpoint pens are available in a number of different sizes. The width of the ballpoint is used to determine the size, and this is measured in millimeters. These pens can range from ultra fine ballpoint pens, which usually had a 0.1 mm ball, up to pens with a 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm ball.

Elkos pens are one of the most recognized manufacturers of ballpoint pens in the world, with a large number of ballpoint pens available for purchase. Other products manufactured by the company include gel pens and pen refills. Some products are available with finger grips, which provide protection to the hands when writing on a piece of paper. Other pens are slimmer in appearance, and contain the company's logo on the side of the pen. These "pocket-sized" pens are small enough to fit inside a shirt or coat pocket.


3 Reasons for Using Pen Refills

We live in a world and society that puts a huge emphasis on living green and protecting the environment. There are many ways to protect the environment, such as installing a solar system, buying green appliances, reducing carbon footprint or eating healthier and natural foods. However, few people know that using pen refills is an amazing method to protect the environment and minimize the negative consequences.
Just think about it - how often do you buy a new pen, use it for a while and then throw it away? Why not instead use a regular ink pen refill to keep pens out of landfills and save additional money in the long run? Yes, the benefits of using pen refills are more than you can imagine.
Some of the most obvious advantages of pen refills are:
Ink refills are certainly extremely beneficial to the environment. The good news is that more and more regular people just like you and me are finding this to be true. By constantly disposing of old pens, the vast amount of garbage will exponentially increase. Gel pen and ink refills allow you to use your favorite pen over and over again without being constrained to throw it away. Since most disposable pens available on the market are built from plastic, pen refills translate into a decrease of the quantity of non-biodegradable plastic in the landfills.
Cost Effective
Another huge advantage of using refills for your pen is huge savings in the long run, especially if you are keen on buying only top-quality pens which are certainly way more expensive than regular pens. The hassle and the cost involved with finding specialist pens is greater than it is with buying cartridges, as most brands available on the market create their own pens which can fit only certain types of cartridges.
Moreover, in case you lose your pen, you will still have the cartridges which can be used to refill the next pen you will purchase.
Save Time
Let's say you use a pen on a regular basis and you desperately need it to write down something. However, the pen runs out of ink in that very moment you need it more than ever. Instead of panicking, you just refill it in less than 30 seconds and continue your work. Just imagine what would have happened if you would not have had a cartridge at hand. You managed to stay on top of this situation without resorting to "unorthodox methods".

Why Choose Elkos Pens?
One of the best choices when it comes to pen refills is certainly Elkos Pens. The company boasts with over 30 years of experience in the pen production industry. They are an ISO 9001:2008 certified business that manufactures top-quality gel pens, ball pens, sketch pens, direct fill pens and pen refills. The products are renowned all across the world for their durability, quality and versatility.


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